It is with very heavy hearts that we must announce that the journey of the Thomas Clark House is coming to an end. After over two years of hard work in attempting to find a viable new location and use for the house, the clock has run out and we have been forced to make the difficult decision to demolish this beloved resource.

AHF has been committed to helping the supporters of the house over these years and we worked hand in hand in support of their efforts to find a site, use and funding for the Clark House. We have expended considerable time and financial resources, most of which was beyond what we had committed to originally, because we believed in the importance of the house and the story that it tells about our history, and furthermore we believed in the passion and dedication of the house’s supporters. Unfortunately, now it is time to re-group and focus that passion and dedication to preserving the rest of Belmont’s historic treasures. AHF very broadly supports the efforts of the Belmont Historic District Commission and the preservation community in Belmont, and we will continue to support them in their renewed resolve and commitment to historic preservation in Belmont.

AHF is working with historic salvage experts to retain the house’s most significant historic features. In the meantime, consistent with standard preservation practice, the house has been fully documented in measured drawing form and in photographic form, both of which are available on this website. AHF will also work with the local press to document this final chapter of the Clark House.

For more information please see the attached statement from the Belmont Historic District Commission.

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